bcreative: let your pets be your inspiration

Take a moment to think how many ways the pets you love influence your life — the laughs, lessons, and everything in between. That love informs the way we feel (of course) but also affects our actions and relationships in countless ways. Yep, pet love is a powerful thing. So, is it any wonder that some people find it creatively inspiring?

Whether you’re already a bona-fide artist or just starting your creative journey, next time you find yourself in a rut, why not let your pet open the door to a whole new world of artistic inspiration?

Paper, ink, and love

When it comes to the fine arts, you’ll be in good company pulling inspiration from a furry friend. Heck, even Picasso knew the power of pups. His beloved Dachshund, Lump, was the only pet allowed in his studio, and was so inspiring that he appears in the corners of many of Picasso’s studies.

And did you know that some people claim to see an uncanny hint of a Spaniel in the face of Edvard Munch’s "The Scream" (with his documented love of dogs, who can blame them?). If it worked for these artists, why not you? Next time you’re trying to flex your creative muscle, try inviting your pet to strike a pose and see how much of their personality you can capture on the page!

Sweet moves

Of course, there are lots of other ways to create with your new-found muse. More into movement? Take a dive into Musical Canine Freestyle. A dog sport incorporating elements of tricks, training, and fancy footwork, MCF takes dance breaks with your dog to a whole new level. There are even competitions where participants are scored by their ability to stay in rhythm with their puppy partners.

If you love to boogie and have a dog who’s willing, it's time to get your practice on. Of course, you don’t have to compete. Simply moving alongside your pet can be fun for all involved. Play your favorite song and start grooving with your four-legged-friends—you might be surprised how well they keep up.

You could be one paw or purr away from authoring a masterpiece

If writing is more your thing, jot this down. When trying to find that next lyric, stanza, or story, think about your pets and see if that doesn’t shake free some sentiment. Professional and aspiring songwriters, poets, and novelists can all turn the blank page into art (or something close, hopefully) with the help of some pet inspiration. And whether you publish or not, you can probably count on one furry fan who will be more than happy to listen to you read aloud.

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