Dog vs. cheese, just in case you were wondering

In this new series, we’re highlighting foods that have similar names to dog and cat breeds. First up is the American Eskimo dog vs. American Cheese. Why? Because we love pets and we love food. Plus, why not? It celebrates two big parts of life that make people happy, and it’s fun. We all need as much fun as we can get now, right? Oh, and it’s not really a competition. Pets and food are both winners around here.

The breed: American Eskimo dog

Dogs of the American Eskimo breed are so beautiful. And smart. And fluffy. You don’t see them at every dog park, either, which makes them extra special.

The food: Grilled Cheese Sandwich with American Cheese

Ninety percent of the time you order a grilled cheese sandwich, it’s going to have American cheese. Square and yellowish-gold slices that melt nice and stick perfectly to the toasty bread.

Even a beginner cook can put one of these classics together, so you don’t have to go to a diner or a cafeteria to indulge. You can even get vegan American cheese now, if that’s your jam.

By the way, do you or someone you know call this a “girled" cheese sandwich? We’ve met many people who do. We’re not linguistic experts, but we’re guessing that people who say “girled cheese” just heard it wrong the first time, when they were kids, and think it’s still cute to call it that. And you know what? It is cute. Be yourself, especially when you’re eating and having a good time.

So, which is the big winner?

As we said in the introduction, this isn’t really a competition. American Eskimo dogs are awesome. Grilled cheese sandwiches with American cheese are delicious. Congratulations, champs! Keep your eyes out for more in this original, quirky series. Because why not?

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