Home is where the TV is

Do you enjoy curling up to watch your favorite programs with a furry friend by your side? If so, you’re not alone, especially while we're all staying home more. Watching TV with your dog or cat can be a cozy good time.

So, how do you maximize your TV time for you and your pet? We did a little legwork for you.

TV just for dogs?

If your dog is anxious, lonely, or bored when you’re not nearby, it might be worth checking out some of the pet specialty channels out there. They feature programs created to appeal to dogs. One minus, of course, is that the TV programs don’t provide much interest for doggie noses – smell is a dog’s #1 sense – but some pet owners swear by puppy programming to keep their pets happy.

Oh, and bring some popcorn for yourself: Some humans (you know who you are) can’t seem to get enough of these dog-focused shows.

TV just for cats?

There are many videos online designed to engage cats with chirping birds or swimming fish. The problem here, of course, is that cats like to pounce on those things – so there’s a real danger to you, your cat, and your TV if your screen isn’t securely mounted. No one wants to get hit by a falling TV (or have to buy a new one) – so make sure everything is safe before you tempt your kitty with TV-based prey.

Watch what you want

Actually, it probably doesn’t much matter what you watch with your animal buddy, it’s how you watch it. Cuddle down so you’re both comfortable, break your binge-watching with more-than-occasional stretches and snuggles, and feel free to talk out loud. After all, unlike your human friends, animals don’t mind spoilers!

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