pets + kids = awesomeness

Pets and kids. What better combination can you think of? It’s cuteness and playfulness and optimism. It’s discovery and hope and fun. It’s a breath of fresh air in tough and uncertain times. Heck, there should be a big (virtual?) parade. There should be some sort of t-shirt or hat that everybody wears. Well, maybe next year, anyway.

In the meantime, we’ve enlisted the writing talents of a 12-year-old Banfield fan for this bblog post. We asked her to write about three pets that she knows and loves. It’s pretty cute. Here goes:


My neighbor’s cat Oliver is small and very sweet. Sometimes in summer I used to go to his house and call his name and he would come running down the stairs meowing. I could pet him for hours and he wouldn’t mind, but usually it would only be for 20 minutes, because I had to go home and eat dinner. One thing I loved about him was how he meowed A LOT. I even gave him the nickname “Meow” when I was younger.


Leo is another cat in my neighborhood and I’ve known him since I was 3. I’ve spent so much time with him. I even used to try to train him, which never worked out very well (he took too many breaks to eat grass). He’s grey and very very fluffy which makes him look pretty big, but he can still fit through the little hole in our fence. He likes to rub against the bushy plants and the spokes on the bicycles in our garage. Once my dad and I were lying on the grass and Leo came by and walked across our chests, purring. Leo made summer days in our backyard feel so good.


Apollo is a big dog that belongs to my parents’ friend. He lives in a different state so I don’t see him very often, but when I do, we have a lot of fun together. He’s pretty active, and he likes to run around and play tag with me in the grass. He’s a lot faster than me! After that he’s tired, and he likes to lie down next to me. I pet him, and in return he “pets” me too! (He puts his paw on my leg.) It’s very cute.

It’s pretty clear that this kid loves animals. Isn’t it great that she’s got pets in the neighborhood and in her life?

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