pets, moms, and celebrating the love

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate moms – and for some pet lovers, it’s just not a holiday if our animal friends aren’t part of the fun. So with that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of fun things to do with mothers and their favorite furrballs.

Dogs love to party

Even when the family can’t all be in the same place, a favorite pet can brighten Mom’s day. Planning a special walk outside, extra playtime, or a new dog toy are all good ways to delight your Mom and her pup as they spend time together – and most dogs will be thrilled to get into the action.

Another fun activity? A mom/doggo “spa day.” Dogs that enjoy brushing will definitely be down for a good, long, luxurious session of grooming and general attention. And while pets can’t give mom a mani/pedi in return, taking care of all that extra dog hair can be its own reward.

Keep in mind, though, that the one thing your mom and pets should never share are yummy human treats. Sugar in general is bad for dogs, and chocolate can be a serious toxin. So if you’re treating Mom to her favorite candy, a special, healthy, designed-for-dogs treat will make her pooch just as happy.

Cats keep it cool

While you’re celebrating Mother’s Day, Mom’s favorite kitty can definitely be part of the fun. Cats may be less interested in walks, but they’re often just as interested in spending time with new toys, relaxing together, or (maybe, depending on the cat) allowing a quick cuddle before they run across the room and disappear behind the couch.

As far as gifts, few cats can resist a soft, warm blanket. Whether watching TV, reading, or just hanging out, Mom can swaddle herself in it, with her purring companion by her side. And if her kitty has a favorite treat, we’re sure neither Mom nor the cat will turn up their nose at a new supply.

Thank you, moms and pets

Mothers nurture us, comfort us, protect us, and help us grow. So here’s a big thank you to our mothers and their loving pets. We hope you have a wonderful day.

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