the working life of dogs

We all know dogs who choose nap over fetch. They’re up for breakfast, then head right to the sunny spot on the floor for a well-deserved (?) rest. We love them for everything they do (and everything they don’t do, too), but that’s not who we’re giving a shout-out to for Labor Day, of course. No, we’re talking about dogs who get the job done.

Some dogs were specifically bred for work. Australian Shepherds, for example – they’ve got the name of their gig right there in the name of their breed. But beyond being bred for work, many dogs are trained for work, sometimes performing tasks like no other creature in the world.

At your service

Gentle, intelligent, and focused, service dogs are taught to work with differently-abled people to help them both with the daily tasks of life and unexpected emergencies. From helping to guide a blind person walk to her office every morning, to being on-the-ready to respond to an owner’s seizure, service dogs deliver daily support that’s nearly immeasurable.

The scent of a mushroom

A little lower on the importance scale, but still pretty cool, are the dogs who use their noses to get the job done. The Lagotto Romagnolo, literally meaning “water dog,” use their snouts to discover truffles. But they’re not the only breed that gets in on the fun; Spaniels and Beagles have also been trained to smell for the pricey and delicious mushrooms. From all of us fungi-loving humans, here’s a big thank you!

Celebrity buzz

Yes, some dogs really work hard. But some are able to rely less on physical abilities, and more on charm and good looks. You know ‘em – those dog influencers all over the internet. Cute and fuzzy or outdoorsy and adventurous, there are dogs of all kinds hamming it up on Instagram with millions of followers. Kind of makes us just a little bit jealous, to be honest.

Whatever kind of job they do, here at Banfield Pet Hospital we’re wishing a happy Labor Day to all the dogs who know the meaning of an honest day’s work.

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