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Where does your best pet pal always belong? Right by your side. That’s why two of the saddest words in English are “Lost dog.” Two more? “Lost cat.” You love your pets so much, of course you want to do everything you can to keep them from getting lost. We hear you, and here you go…

Three simple ways to help prevent pet loss

  1. Make pet security a priority. If your dog hangs out in the yard, make sure you’ve got a  good, solid, and well-maintained fence. And when you take walks or visit the park, always keep your doggo on a strong, secure leash. As for cats, we strongly recommend keeping them inside and using a kennel when you need to take them out.
  2. Keep your eyes open for escape risks. It’s probably an exaggeration to say that every time you come in or leave home, you’re giving your pet a chance to run away. Many pets aren’t itching to go it alone in the real world – they know they’ve got it good where they are. But be careful and alert, especially if you have an especially curious and brave pet.
  3. Provide a safe space. Fireworks, block parties, construction, and other scary noisy events can spook some pets, making them more prone to run off. When those kinds of activities are happening in your neighborhood, make an extra effort to give your pets quiet, safe places to relax.

But what if your pet does escape?

You’ve seen signs posted in your neighborhood – usually handwritten, with a big photo of an adorable pet, back before they went missing. Questions immediately run through your mind: What if MY dog or cat were lost? Where would I look? Who would I call? What am I going to do?

We hope it never happens to you, or anybody! But since anything’s possible, it’s best to prepare. Collars and identification tags are easy and affordable, and they can help – but they can also fall off or be removed, so they’re not foolproof. Microchips are an even better bet, and your Banfield veterinary team can help you get one for the pet you love, in partnership with HomeAgain. Some pet owners opt for a GPS tracking device, too, like Whistle™

Losing a pet is so scary and heartbreaking. Whatever you can do to reduce the risk, it’s totally worth it.

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