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Brushing the tooth

Healthy mouth, happy dog

We’re here for love, health, and pet dental care. A smart combo of oral brushing, along with oral exams and regular professional teeth cleaning, can help tackle the buildup of smelly, sticky tartar on your BFF’s teeth — and help your dog avoid painful periodontal disease, tooth loss, and truly stinky doggo breath.

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Your dog’s mouth is a big part of their life — and almost 80% of dogs will develop dental disease.

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Professional teeth cleaning for dogs

A yearly professional dental cleaning can help your dog have a healthier, happier mouth. See what we can do, and why it can make a difference to your pet's overall health.

Why dental cleanings matter
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Do silent, stinky call for help

Brown or yellow tartar on teeth is a mix of old food, saliva, and bacteria, which can irritate gums and cause painful infections, tooth loss, and truly dire dog halitosis.

Why dental disease stinks
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Yes, you should brush your dog's teeth

Help keep your dog's mouth happy and healthy with daily a toothbrushing. We're here with tips and techniques to help you get started on a regular dental routine.

How to brush your dog's teeth
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