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Professional dental cleanings for cats and dogs

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Professional dental cleanings can help treat tartar and prevent advanced dental disease

Professional teeth cleanings can help your BFF live a happier, healthier life. Our veterinary teams clean above and below the gumline, checking their oral health and removing tartar – a hardened  paste of old food, bacteria, and saliva – that can lead to painful gum inflammation, tooth loss, and more.

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Five steps to a happier, healthier mouth

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Step #1: First appointment: We check for tartar

After a complete oral exam, your veterinary team will let you know if they recommend a professional dental cleaning for your pet. Then we'll work together to get your pet's procedure on the books.

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Step #2: Second appointment: Start with anesthesia

Pets aren’t great at sitting still with their mouths open, so professional dental cleanings are always done under anesthesia. Before we begin, we run a pre-anesthetic exam with blood testing, which includes a complete blood count, internal organ screens, and electrolyte infusions.

During the procedure, we constantly monitor your BFF’s vitals to ensure they are safe and comfortable.

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Step #3: Let the cleaning commence

A typical professional dental cleaning includes ultrasonic dental cleaning, tooth polishing, and hand scaling above and below the gum line. If we see anything that needs more than just a cleaning, we may need to make another appointment to get it done.

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Step #4: We stay in touch

Although you won’t be in the room with your pet, you can expect updates for any additional recommendations during the procedure.

These may include:

  • Dental x-rays   
  • Extraction of diseased teeth
  • Local anesthetic injections for pain (nerve blocks)
  • Oral surgery
  • Post-cleaning rinse with an oral care solution
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Step #5: Time to go home

After the procedure, we continue to monitor your pet through anesthetic recovery. A member of our team will call when your pet is ready to head home with their nice clean teeth, and to help make a new appointment if necessary.

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