do I need to brush my dog's teeth

Brushing the tooth

Yes! Dogs can’t brush, so they depend on us.

Good home care and professional dental cleanings can help your BFF have a healthier mouth – and maybe even fresher breath.

Healthy mouth, happy dog

Tooth brushing at home, veterinary oral exams, and regular professional teeth cleaning to get under the gum can help keep your dog’s mouth happy and healthy. Together, we can tackle the buildup of smelly, sticky tartar on your BFF’s teeth, helping the dog you love avoid painful periodontal disease, tooth loss, and truly stinky doggo breath.

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Dogs are not pros at dental hygiene — and almost 80% of dogs will develop dental disease.

Two veterinarians examining a dog at the Banfield Pet Hospital

Professional teeth cleaning for dogs

Help your dog have a healthier, happier mouth with a yearly professional dental cleaning — it can help make a big difference to your pet’s overall health.

Professional dental cleanings
A young boy sleeping next to his little happy dog

A silent, stinky call for help

That browny-yellow gunk on your dog’s teeth is a hardened mix of old food, saliva, and bacteria that can cause dental infections, tooth loss, and truly dire dog halitosis.

Why dental disease stinks
A close-up portrait of a happy dog

Yes, you should brush your dog’s teeth

See our tips and techniques to keep your dog’s mouth happy and healthy with a regular dental routine, including daily toothbrushing.

How to brush dog teeth
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