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Ear care

We’re here for happy, healthy pet ears.

From pricked ears to soft rounded ones, v-shaped to folded, ears are a big part of your pet’s lovable personality. The fuzzy upper part isn’t their entire ear, however. The inside of a cat or dog’s ear is a rich breeding ground for irritating, smelly infections and tiny little mites. We’re here for love, health, and happiness for your pet’s bug-free ears.

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Are bad things happening to good ears? If your pet is shaking or pawing at their head, or their ears smell gross or yeasty, bring them in for an exam.

Why is your dog scratching their ear?

Is it just a tickle or something more — and how do you make it stop? Get the full rundown on why dogs scratch their ears, from infections to mites to weird things stuck in their ear canals, plus tips on what to do if you spot a problem.

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How to treat dog ear infections

Ear infections are one of the most common dog diseases. Not only are they itchy and uncomfortable, they can also lead to serious long-term health complications. If your dog’s ears look or smell funny, please see your veterinary team.

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What to know about ear mites in cats

Kitty ears need a careful eye, because their ear canals are prime spots for tiny arachnids, called ear mites, to take up long-term residence. Ear mites are super uncomfortable and, if untreated, can lead to balance and hearing problems.

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How to clean your cat’s ears

If your cat has chronic ear infections or mites, your veterinary team may ask you to clean your kitty’s ears at home. We’ve got step-by-step tips on how to position your cat, comfort them, and wipe the goop out of their sensitive ears.

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