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Tips on bathing, using skin meds, and tackling ticks and fleas

Let’s hear it for your pet’s shiny, pettable coats, floofy fur, and warm, healthy skin. There’s a lot you can do at home to help your dogBFF or kittyBAE feel good in their own skin. Not only can regular grooming help you bond with your pet, but it’s a great way to stay in touch with many skin issues your pet can’t tell you about. And if you spot something strange, we’re always here to help out.

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Skin is the place to spot fleas, ticks, skin irritations or rashes, lumps, matted hair, scratches, infections, and other health issues so you can help your pet.

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How to find fleas on your cat or dog

Fleas are little bugs that can be big, bad news. Not every itch is a flea, but it’s a natural first assumption if your pet is always scratching. If you suspect your itchy BFF is infested, follow these four simple steps — and know how to take action.

How to check for fleas
A dog owner removing the ticks on his dog

Find and remove ticks on your pet

Even if your pet is on year-round parasite control, they may still be targeted by a tenacious tick. Here’s how to find ticks on your pet, and how to safely remove a tick with tweezers if you spot one chowing on your BFF.

How to find and remove ticks
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Get skin medications to stick

Does your pet need ointments, lotions, or other topical medication for skin issues? Get the goop ready, get set, get 5 easy steps to skin med success.

How to apply skin medication
A close-up of the hand of a cat owner bathing her cat by pouring water on the cat

How to give your pet a bath

With easy prep and TLC, you can clean your pet’s coat and skin with a little bit less hassle than you might be expecting. (Although you should definitely expect to get wet.) We’ve got some insider tips on bathing your BFF.

How to bathe your pet
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