this vacation will be a love fest

Going back to school even for just a few months this spring has college students pretty stoked. Maybe even some parents are OK with it (admit it, the honeymoon is over, and you’re sick of sharing the bathroom).

Yeah, everybody’s happy, except for… the pets.

Hey, your pets miss you already

As good as it feels to get back to “normal”, there’s one thing that kind of sucks about actually going back to college: You have to leave your pets at home. You’ll miss them, and they’ll miss you. Amazingly, they’ve been with you 24/7 for months and they’re still not sick of you – because they never get sick of you.

So put yourself in their shoes for a minute: You have all this freedom at college – to have fun, learn a few things, figure stuff out, meet amazing new people from different backgrounds, and eat ramen three times a day – while your furry faithful companion is still stuck at home… without you. They can’t text, and although Facetiming with pets is better than nothing, it’s not at all like the real thing. 

Don’t worry, though… someone thought of a perfect solution: Vacations.

The best reason to spend vacations at home

College costs a bundle, and yet, somehow, there are still a lot of times when school’s not in session. Spring break, winter break, summer break… lots of vacations. There are even some colleges that have no classes from Thanksgiving all the way through New Year’s!

Students can do whatever they want during vacation (within reason, right Mom?). But the very best thing to do is come home and see your dogs and cats (and parents. Sure, them too.).

Come home for hugs, cuddles, and kisses. Take your pup for a long walk and a game of fetch. Hang out with your cool cat in your old room (which may or may not have been converted into a den or office just days after you left home). Watch shows together, lounge around together, saunter into the kitchen for a snack together

Your pets are there for you, all wags and purrs and anticipation. College can wait.

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