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puppy wellness: all about puppy supplies

Know what your puppy actually needs, from dog beds to ID tags

Bringing home a new puppy is fun! You’re about to get started on an adventure together and it helps to have the right equipment on hand. Start with the basics, like food and water and proper vet care. Next up, smart housetraining, a comfy bed, and — most fun of all — pet-safe toys and yummy treats for a lifetime of love. Here’s our guide to what you need, plus a handy appointment link for their first vet appointment.

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Having the right stuff on hand helps you focus on the best parts of owning a puppy — like fun, love, and snuggles.

All about the stuff we recommend for a happy puppy

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Our supply checklist for puppies

We break down what you need and why — plus include a handy downloadable checklist to help you get ready for the big day.

Know what you need for puppy potty training

There are all sorts of products out there to help make house training easier. Here’s what we recommend for your pup.

See our housetraining supply list
Learn even more about the pup you love
Get our top tips on puppy supplies for a happy puppy

See more about puppies at each month of age


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