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Scheduling regular checkups and getting preventive care are important steps in keeping your puppy healthy. Loving care at home also keeps our pups feeling good as they grow. If there’s a health hiccup along the way, no one will know better than you if something needs to be looked at. Your Banfield team is here to help you and your puppy as your little BFF grows.

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You are your puppy’s best health advocate! Here’s what to know about vaccinations, spaying and neutering, good diet, and more.

Puppy vaccination schedules, veterinary care, and more

Puppy vaccinations

Vaccinations help to protect your puppy against disease. Learn which vaccines to prioritize, when your puppy should get them, and get an idea about costs.

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Spaying and neutering

These common procedures can limit health risks and prevent unwanted pregnancy, so start thinking about it when your pup is around 6+ months of age.

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