An orange colored circle with '8-9' written inside it to indicate puppies aged 8-9 monthswhat to know about your 8-month-old puppy

Your puppy is getting close to their first birthday, and they’re probably pushing all sorts of boundaries. From their wee nose to their waggly tail, we’re here
with love, health, and happiness for every stage of your dog’s life.

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Your puppy at 8-9 months old:
Basic obedience for your dog’s “teenage years”

As your pup continues to grow, they may unleash a rebellious streak. Big and little dogs thrive on consistency, so keep up their regular routines, training, and use plenty of praise and love as positive reinforcement.

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A puppy wearing an orange vest

Wellness and vet care for puppies aged 8-9 months

Make sure to keep your dog on their vaccination schedule and that they get their comprehensive exams. Plus, it’s time to think about dental care to help keep your dog’s adult teeth in good shape.

Vector graphic of a vaccine syringe 

1. Continue vaccination schedule

Vector graphic of a stethoscope 
2. Comprehensive exams
Vector graphic of a tooth and a brush 
3. Talk about tooth care

All about puppy wellness

Age-specific health and happiness tips to keep in mind as your puppy grows.

Is your dog showing signs of separation anxiety?

How to identify separation anxiety in your dog, what causes it, and what you can do to ease their stress and improve their quality of life.

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How to get your dog to pay attention

If you’re having trouble getting your doggo to follow commands, here’s what you can do to remind your pup about good behavior.

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Puppy owners, learn even more about the pup you love

Get our top tips on raising a happy puppy

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